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Candle Toppers  KMGI Candle Topper  

WARNING: the candle topper will get very HOT.  Do not touch the topper on a  live candle. 

Candles with Toppers      Click to Buy Now !    Side View of 3 Candles

Only $6.95 each


Other Designs

Other Designs



Put the candle topper on any glass jar candle with an opening of 3" - 3-5/8" round. 

The candle topper will help the candle burn cleaner, eliminating the black soot on the sides of the glass jar.

The candle topper will hold in the heat to melt the wax on the sides. This will eliminate burning a hole in the center of the candle.

The tabs on the sides can be adjusted or bent in or out to fit different style glass jars.

We will be adding new designs in the future so come back often.






















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